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If you're hoping to start a family but aren't conceiving, a fertility evaluation could pinpoint the reason why. The highly skilled team at Philadelphia Women's Health & Wellness in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, offers comprehensive fertility evaluations for women who are having problems getting pregnant. Find out what's behind your fertility problems by arranging a fertility evaluation. Call or book online today.

Fertility Evaluation Q & A

What is a fertility evaluation?

A fertility evaluation is an assessment of your ability to conceive a child. It consists of tests and examinations that look for anything that affects your fertility so you can get the help you need to conceive.

If you're under 35 and have been having unprotected sex for a year without conceiving, a fertility evaluation can help pinpoint the reason why. You should also undergo a fertility evaluation if you're over 35 and have not gotten pregnant within six months of trying.

If you’re over 40, a fertility evaluation is something you should consider without delay. A healthy woman in her 20s or early 30s has a 25-30% chance of conceiving during a single menstrual cycle.

This rate starts to drop after 30 and goes down quickly after 37. At 40, your chance of conceiving falls below 10% for each menstrual cycle.

What does a fertility evaluation involve?

A fertility evaluation at Philadelphia Women's Health & Wellness includes a series of tests that look for any possible causes of infertility. These tests include:

Blood and urine tests

A urine test shows if and when you're ovulating. Blood tests measure your levels of progesterone and your supply of eggs. They can also detect problems like thyroid disease, which can cause infertility, and high levels of the hormone prolactin, which can affect ovulation.

Ultrasound exam

Ultrasound imaging is useful for predicting ovulation, as it enables your provider at Philadelphia Women's Health & Wellness to see the changes in your follicles. A sonohysterography is a special form of ultrasound that can detect scarring and other problems inside your uterus.


Hysterosalpingography is a type of X-ray that your provider might use to view the inside of your uterus. It enables them to see whether there are any blockages in your fallopian tubes.

Hysteroscopy and laparoscopy

A hysteroscope is a flexible tube with a camera and light source. Your provider inserts it into your vagina and through your cervix to see the inside of your uterus. 

A laparoscope is a similar instrument that goes into a small incision in your abdomen. It enables your provider to examine your ovaries and fallopian tubes, as well as the outside of your uterus.

What do the results of my fertility evaluation mean?

If your fertility evaluation reveals any problems, the team at Philadelphia Women's Health & Wellness can discuss the findings and how to treat the condition to improve your chances of conceiving.

Sometimes a fertility evaluation doesn't indicate any problems with your reproductive system. If you've been trying to conceive without success and the fertility evaluation doesn't show any cause for concern, then lifestyle issues, timing, and psychological factors could be to blame.

To arrange your fertility evaluation, call Philadelphia Women's Health & Wellness or book an appointment online today.